How Do Extreme Temperatures Affect Car Batteries?

Extreme temperatures can affect the fluids in the battery from evaporating or freezing. The following guide will show you the safe way to test your car battery so that you can determine if it is still in good working order.
  • Before you can test the car battery, you have to turn the lights and the car ignition off.
  • Locate the battery, look at the terminals, clean with a terminal cleaning tool if any corrosion is evident.
  • Using a voltmeter, attach the red cable, which should be positive, to the positive end of the car battery.
  • The black cable from the voltmeter is negative, and gets connected to the negative end of battery.
  • Test the battery, a reading that shows above 12.4 means the car battery is still in good working condition. If the reading falls under 12.2, then the battery is unable to provide adequate cranking power.
If you have concerns, bring the car to Sterling Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, and one of our team members will carefully inspect the battery.
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