Ram 1500 – Toughest Truck on the Road?

Dodge trucks are tough. How many do you see on the streets of Opelousas when you look around? Quite a few on wager! This is for good reason. Around here, we depend on our trucks to be durable and reliable for many years, and Dodge has been delivering on those needs for a long time now.

The Ram 1500 is kind of the pinnacle of this durability in practice, with a steel frame that handles the roughest imaginable terrain, while the dynamic smart crumple zones and side supports provide safety that can’t be beat. Have an accident? That’s unfortunate, but if it does occur, you can get this truck back on the road very quickly, as it holds up to some pretty rough treatment. You can minimize these accidents too, thanks to long-lasting anti-lock brake technology.

Come on over to Sterling Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram today for a test drive.

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