The Jeep Cherokee is Safety Conscious

The Jeep Cherokee is a well-known and popular full-size SUV. The Cherokee is well known for its room, luxury, and generous occupant amenities. In addition to these charms, this vehicle also includes many enhanced safety features that can make life easier and more secure for drivers and passengers alike. These features include goodies such as electronic stability assistance as well as blind spot elimination technologies.

Even though the Jeep Cherokee is a full-size SUV and is therefore quite stable, it goes the extra mile by providing vehicle operators with proprietary Electronic Stability Control systems. These systems utilize combinations of different types of sensors to provide moment to moment information about vehicle attitude. If and when vehicle attitude goes out of balance, special technologies such as Electronic Roll Mitigation and Lane Departure Warnings can both restore stability and alert drivers.

Another important Jeep Cherokee safety feature is its blind spot monitoring system. The system can give drivers high-resolution pictures of areas behind their vehicles and can also warn them of oncoming rear cross traffic.

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