Tow a Boat Effortlessly Using the Dodge Durango

An automobile needs proper hardware in order to pull a boat. The most important component is the engine as it produces power that's needed to tow a large boat and a hefty trailer behind a vehicle. Thanks to the Dodge Durango's 6,200 towing capacity, it's an ideal automobile for towing jobs. If this isn't enough power, you can equip the Durango with a V8 in order to increase the towing capacity to 7,400 pounds.

When the Durango pulls a boat, the weight is evenly distributed by a 50/50 distribution system. It manages and strategically shift weight to proper zones to enhance tire traction. However, this system is only available with RWD Dodge Durango automobiles. If you pick an AWD or an RWD Durango, you'll get Trailer Sway Control as it's a standard feature. This system prevents swaying by adjusting engine throttle. It may also use the brakes to keep a trailer balanced.

You can arrange a test drive in the Dodge Durango at Sterling Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Our test drives are informative, and they take place on local roads in Opelousas, LA.

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